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Doctoral School in Human and Social Sciences

HEAD OF THE DOCTORAL SCHOOL: Professor Cristina Mosso


Domenica Musolino
tel.: +39 011.6709613

Address: Direzione Ricerca e Terza Missione (Office for Research Services and Third Mission), v. Bogino, 9  10123 Torino



Funded in January 2011 the newborn Doctoral School has the objective of unifying the former doctoral schools (covering the teaching of humanities) and to coordinate the different doctoral courses. The Doctoral School in Human and Social Sciences comprises the following PhD programmes:

Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law
Business and Management
Economics “Vilfredo Pareto”
Law and Institutions
Law, Persons and Market
Psycological, Antropological and Education Sciences
Social and Political Change
Sociology and methodology of social research, in partnership with "Università Statale di Milano"
Urban and Regional Development, in partnership with "Politecnico di Torino"



PhD students actually enrolled: 175

PhD graduated in 2014: 33

YEAR 2014
42 ENROLLED                                    20 F                          6 foreign PhD students
                                                               22 M

 YEAR 2013




 43 F

 13 foreign PhD students


 24 M





 YEAR 2012




 43 F

8 foreign PhD students


 23 M





 YEAR 2011




 43 F

4 foreign PhD students


 37 M





 YEAR 2010 (closed)




 34 F

6 foreign PhD students


 26 M





 YEAR 2009 (closed)




 32 F

7 foreign PhD students


 30 M



Head: Professor Cristina Mosso

The head the Doctoral School is responsible for ensuring that the PhD study programmes are carried out in accordance with the rules of the Ministerial Order. The head of the Doctoral School participates in the approval of the grant allocation. He is also responsible for co-ordinating and organizing the training- and administrative-work of the Doctoral School and for calling and chairing the Doctoral School Committee.


The Doctoral School Scientific Committee approves the educational programme of the students at the start of each academic year, plans the different School activities and participates in the approval of the grant allocation.

The School includes 16 member professors:

Phd Coordinators

representatives for the PhD Programmes

4 Student representatives

Areas and Coordinators


Prof. Giovanni Battista Ramello (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Analisi Comparata del Diritto, dell'Economia e delle Istituzioni)

Prof. Paolo Biancone (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Business and Management)

Prof. Pietro Pisoni  (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Business and Management)

Prof. Grabriella Racca (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Diritti e Istituzioni)

Prof. Enrico Grosso (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Diritti e Istituzioni)

Prof. Roberto Caranta (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Diritto, Persona e Mercato)

Prof. Michele Graziadei (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Diritto, Persona e Mercato e dei Dottorati internazionali in Erasmus Mundus)

Prof.ssa Daniela Delboca (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Economia "Vilfredo Pareto")

Prof. Ghirardato Paolo (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Economia "Vilfredo Pareto" e Vice Direttore della Scuola)

Prof. Marco Bontempi (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Mutamento Sociale e Politico)

Prof.ssa Cristina Mosso (Direttore della Scuola e Coordinatore del Dottorato in Scienze Psicologiche, Antropologiche e dell'Educazione)

Prof. Lorena Milani (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Scienze Psicologiche, Antropologiche e dell'Educazione)

Prof. Paolo Viazzo (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Scienze Psicologiche, Antropologiche e dell'Educazione)

Prof. Alessandro Zennaro (Rappresentante del Dottorato in Scienze Psicologiche, Antropologiche e dell'Educazione)

Prof. Carlo Salone (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Urban and Regional Development)

Prof. Mario Cardano (Coordinatore del Dottorato in Sociologia e metodologia della ricerca sociale)


Dott.ssa Martina Iori (Rappresentante Dottorandi dell'Area Economica)

Dott.  Valentina Dolce (Rappresentante Dottorandi dell'Area Psicologica, Antropologica e dell'Educazione)

Dott. Camilla Emmenegger (Rappresentante Dottorandi dell'Area Sociologica)





Our Doctoral offers a wide range of courses and seminars given by experts in their fields.

The School operates thanks both to public and private funding. The PhD programs have a duration of three years.

The School  guiding principle are education to excellence as well as quality assurance.

Our Doctoral School is comprised of various disciplines including the fields of law, economy, psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology and international relations. Therefore, our vision is multifaceted and interdisciplinary.

The objective in each of the PhD Programmes is

  • to develop highly specialized researchers and practicing professionals who can succeed both domestically and internationally.
  • to develop competent researchers and practicing professionals who are able to apply their skills flexibly.

Doctoral School students are required to attend all courses and seminars expressly addressed to them. Students can obtain credits for their educational activities.

Every students will be assisted by a tutor responsible for introducing Doctoral students to the research activity.

In addition, our doctoral school, characterized by its diversity, strongly supports PhD students in setting up activities. On March 30 2012 our PhD students organized a multidisciplinary workshop based on the principle of active interaction “Immigrants in the European Union: citizenship as a phenomen of  inclusion/exclusion”. 

The School has recently launched a survey to gather information to monitor ours Graduate Students’ postdoctoral professional or academic careers and their publications.

Thirteen PhD scholarships of three years duration were awarded by INPDAP (Italian National Welfare Institute for Public Administration Employees). Students with outstanding merit and whose parents were state employees, were eligible to apply for the above mentioned scholarships.

In conclusion, our School tries is to contribute to the internationalization of doctoral training and to the facilitation of networking between professors and doctoral students at different international universities. The courses include  seminars by leading international  and national scholars. 

Currently our binationally supervised doctoral thesis are around 10.


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