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Guido Salza


Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Tesi di dottorato

Topic of thesis: The policy of grade repetition- Issues of equity and effectiveness

Abstract: Whenever a student does not reach the minimum educational targets for a given grade, she may incur in grade repetition (GR). GR is the practice to deny a student the progression in her educational career for an additional year. As such, this decision is irreversible. Those who endorse this provision think that GR could give a student the necessary additional time to re-align competencies and knowledge before moving forward in the educational path. However, its usefulness has been often called in question. All things considered, important empirical questions remain, such as how GR's intervention intertwines with inequalities of educational opportunities, and whether retention is a fair and efficient tool to tackle scholastic failure. In my thesis I exploit quantitative micro-data gathered from diverse sources to i) reconstruct different policy regimes in facing scholastic failure, to ii) reconstruct (social) risk-factors in GR's occurrence and iii) describe its consequences and (possibly) its impact.

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