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Stefano Musco

  • Dottorato: 29° ciclo
  • Matricola: 790906

Tesi di dottorato

The aim of my PhD thesis is to analyse to foreign policy of small states with a patron-client framework. This model could be helpful to explain how small states move from a bigger protector to another protector, maximizing their benefits. On the other side, also the medium and great powers need smaller states to achieve their goals. A case-study on the Kingdom of Bhutan (and its special relations with India) tests the model.

Attività di ricerca

My primary research interests are on the foreign policy of smaller states, with particular reference to the relations between medium/great powers and smaller states. I analyse the costs and the opportunities for both the players when they decide to start this unequal, symbiotic relation.

My secondary research interests are on strategy studies and intelligence, with particular reference to the well-known classics (Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, etc.) and under-researched historical works.

At present, I am also interested in the study of passports in international relations. Here my main focus is on the misuse of genuine or forged passports (normal and diplomatic passports) in criminal networks and intelligence operations.


- Musco, S., 2014, Storia dello Spionaggio Antico. Teoria e Strategie di Intelligence dagli Albori alla Caduta dell'Impero Romano, Roma: Aracne.

- Musco, S., 2015, I microstati nel sistema internazionale. Considerazioni politiche e strategie di sopravvivenza, Perugia: Morlacchi.

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